phpOstock Plugin for WordPress

phpOstock Plugin for WordPress

phpOstock Plugin for WordPress
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phpOstock Plugin for WordPress

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127 Responses to “phpOstock Plugin for WordPress”
  1. BeatCancer10 says:

    Optimize your WordPress blog.. Get more results with just a few tweaks..

  2. Twitter says:


  3. imugenation says:

    but on the plugins menu, it doesn't give me other plugin options on the drop down selection from going to Options menu -> “Select plugins” command. Only the Image Reader Plugin by drk is selectable. How can i get more plugins to choose from? I have multiple plugins in the “plugins” folder of NullDC Naomi. Any suggestions?

  4. Shannon Whitley says:

    I've just released (the first?) WordPress plugin for social media press releases, SimpleSMPR:

    This plugin might be more appropriate for your class since it's open source and mostly non-commercial.

    It would be interesting for your students to apply what they know about social media to what is delivered by the plugin. They could then come up with their own ideas about the value of such a plugin and what might make it more useful. Sounds like a paper to me (sorry Class).

  5. Leonid Mamchenkov says:


    making widget into a plugin is not any more complicated. All you have to do is put a file with some comments at the top to the plugin folder. The minimum comment, I think, should be the “Plugin Name”, but you can easily add more.

    Once you have the comment with meta information about your plugin at the top, and WordPress recognizes it as a plugin, you can put your widget stuff – register_sidebar_widget(), etc.

  6. libbyami says:

    Could you take a look at this to see whether it is the one you are looking for?

    If it's the one, and you can't do much with the Spanish, I can do you a quick & dirty translation, if you like.

  7. Ron says:

    You are given permission to use that template as long as the links and copyright stay in place. With that said, find where you have the CSS styling that portion and add:

    visibility: hidden;

    If you want your own links, you will have to find the Footer tab in the Dashboard and edit the links there.

    Styling Page-Links:


    WordPress Tutorial – Make "Child" Subpages and Subpage Links:
    Expand WordPress Tutorial #1 – Adding Pages and Content:
    WordPress Tutorial – Make "Child" Subpages and Subpage Links:


  8. Katrin4et0o says:

    I would love to be able to sing like Florence. Her voice reaches to me. I don't know, just the thing in her voice. It's not like other's. Her personality and style is different from other artists too. She's gorgeous and just her whole being is perfect to me. I love Florence. She is probably one of my biggest role models for my teenage years. I hope to grow up to have as much spirit as she does.

  9. owlcity861 says:

    Heres to the kids who try their hardest to be good enough for everyone. Who spend hours scrolling through pictures/quotes that describe their mood. Who wait online for that 1 certain person to sign on just to gather up the nerve to say hello. Who listen to the same Song dozens of times because the lyrics mean a lot. Who deserve so much more than they get and are willing to fight for it. And whose wish upon shooting star was wasted on someone who will never care.

  10. James Collins says:

    I just came across a plugin that was using the admin_head hook to set up the options page.

    In WP 2.8.1 the plugin's options page would just display a “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” message.

    In WPMU 2.8.1, the plugin's options page would simply redirect to the main dashboard page.

    I had to change the plugin to use the admin_menu hook instead.

  11. Haq says:

    Faith is also the foremost of the basic conditions for the success of the Believers;
    GOD says ;; '' Successful indeed are the believers who are humble in their prayers,''[NOBLE QUR'AN,23,1-2]
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  12. RetroRanch says:

    There are no standard tests of sanity. Psychiatrists diagnose insanity by various means. Entrapment is used as a defense when someone is lured into committing a crime by police. Duress is a form of force. Someone who is acting under duress has been forced to do something against their will. Intoxication is a very poor defense.

  13. Lorelle VanFossen says:

    I'm not sure I understand what you are asking. Are you asking about how to get your own developed and coded Widgets into or onto any WordPress self-hosted blog? Or how to use WordPress Widgets on a blog?

    Or are you asking about how to add JavaScript or non-WordPress code to a WordPress text Widget so it will work on your blog? If you are adding it to a self hosted WordPress blog, just add it to the Text Widget. If you are on, you cannot use JavaScript or any non-standard basic HTML.

  14. piratedtop says:

    My friend This Plugin its Bullshit

  15. James Collins says:

    I just came across a plugin that was using the admin_head hook to set up the options page.

    In WP 2.8.1 the plugin's options page would just display a “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” message.

    In WPMU 2.8.1, the plugin's options page would simply redirect to the main dashboard page.

    I had to change the plugin to use the admin_menu hook instead.

  16. Maidenua says:

    WordPress Expert – oDesk: Our company has several websites written in html.
    We need a complete rework in WordPre…

  17. SAPERLOT1 says:

    Yes, it’s out. Do a google search for “Using the Google Plugin for Eclipse”. You should find an official page with instructions on downloading it through Eclipse.

  18. Follower Ship says:

    Coupon Code Plugin, ermöglicht es Ihnen, schnell und einfach Gutscheincodes zu generieren

  19. greenday8403 says:

    One of his best songs eva!! Eminem forever!!

  20. scripts : vim online says:

    es un plugin que s’instal·la i es pot validar identitat x facebook, twitter, openid… És fàcil d’instal·lar ho vaig poder fer jo –

  21. Hendrik Van Eaden says:

    A "plugin" is a program that adds functions to your web browser. In this case, it lets your browser display Flash media.

    The plugin can be downloaded at no cost from

    By the way, it USED to be Adobe bought em?

  22. Julie_X_x says:

    put my black ops on ebay and somebody bought it for 55…easy money

  23. getreelstudio says:

    Thanks! Site was done with WordPress.

  24. kinno21 says:

    was okay, very little origionality, and heavy plugin abuse, but the concept was good

  25. Chris M. Paul says:

    I find it funnier when people use Immortal Technique as an example. It is like that is all kids know now-a-days.

    BQ: Legendary- Royce Da 5'9"
    BQ2: I am looking forward to J.Cole's, Wayne, Big K.R.I.T, Yelawolf, and Drake's album.

    *waits for thumbs down do to me mentioning Lil Wayne and Drake."

    Nas, Why UMAD?

    I am 15 but I can name 100 rappers better than Immortal Technique.

    Exactly what I'm saying.

  26. ryu5123 says:

    doesn't it also play during the opening cutscene of “installation 00″? I don't remember for sure

  27. TSK says:

    You cannot just apply for permanent residence here in the UK…there are conditions that have to be met first.

    You can find all the details at this link…

  28. taaddisGaGa says:

    i loooooove the new name for the sweet 16!

  29. Diana says:

    There's a video that shows how to sign the colours in makaton, including the sign for «red»:

  30. obesechicken13 says:

    I was very impressed with the way the new WordPress was explained. I have been using it for several months now and learned A LOT of things from this video that I did not know! Thank you!

  31. mattmaclennan says:

    I will show you how to make your own wordpress themes easily today #wordpress #wp

  32. nickjobbsessedkid says:

    HI! When I tried out for this musical, they had us sing "Waiting for Life" that one is more slow, so then maybe you could sing "Why we tell the Story" because it's more upbeat and all. All the songa are on itunes, but hey are the London cast and I don't like them quite as much! If you have a really powerful vioce that you want to show off, you might want to try "Mama will provide" too. WOW this is such a great musical! I LUV all the songs! Good luck!

  33. Jfitnessgourmet says:

    Omg that’s great! So happy for you!

  34. affiliate - Twitter Search says:

    phpOstock Plugin for WordPress: Build powerful money making WordPress affiliate websites in conjunction with the…

  35. Nattiess says:

    Check letterbox Thoughts wordpress out in google

  36. SergiAlc says:

    Conversación viral en Twitter: ¿Humor o burla a propósito de un post en /via

  37. lutbarfollomew says:

    faithinconsistent wordpress com Never Forget Lonnie Frisbee and what he did for the Vineyard church

  38. bmkraus says:

    WordPress Plugin Releases for 9/4 « Weblog Tools Collection: New plugins Advanced Custom Sort allows you to crea…

  39. jaytellsjokes says: Change from Sitoo to WordPress #cms

  40. says:

    @Diana De la cruz YesStyle is not a scam… I have bought from them 6 times and have not been scammed yet.

    Since it is standard shipping, it would take quite awhile. Probably about 2 weeks (at least for me, it did). Now if only you had chose express, you would get it quicker.

  41. Graphicspittz187 says:

    yes you can just use an adapter but that is far less easy to do than just pressing a button on the ipad and having it instantly stream to the television rather than plugin in a cable and then be tethered there. it provides convenience. and also smart ass, most people's tvs aren't in the same room as their pc's and even if they were the interface for a pc is hardly living room friendly. Apple tv has its fair share of flaws, but you point out its good things and call them flaws.

  42. weirdbeardmt says:


    I don't think there is a plugin that will do this. You could try the role manager, which might do it, but it might be overkill.

    Alternatively, you can hack it manually.

    Find line 163 of edit-comments.php in wp-admin. You can edit out the <?php comment_author_email_link() ?> bit if you want. That will prevent anyone from seeing the email address. If you (or users) still should be able to see it, then you will need a bit more logic, using the WordPress user manager functions.

  43. says:

    How high can fees for sports rights go? – Los Angeles Times

  44. Latin Princess says:

    Ofc ourse we know its a country, an asian country. and its a horrid name for a human.

  45. BinFouda says:

    Glamour /via added two shots of Charlotte posing outside recently

  46. legitreviewsite says:

    At Twitter WordPress Plugin

  47. Sandra S. says:

    horses are mostly saulghted for food (meat) there is not much of a market for the by products. hope that helps answer your question.

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