Michael Gray – Make Your WordPress Blog Search Engine Friendly

Michael Gray – Make Your WordPress Blog Search Engine Friendly

Tips on how to avoid duplicate content and set up theming or siloing on your wordpress blog installation

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192 Responses to “Michael Gray – Make Your WordPress Blog Search Engine Friendly”
  1. westfahlkpvx9 says:

    Off to hike through the grove in search of more elderberries…

  2. Cov00 says:

    EXACTLY!!! the way skinner tells things is just amazing and unforgettable. poetical yet people friendly. simple everyday things that everyone of us faces… no one else on the globe would be able to describe them in such a way that he does. listening to him you get a feeling like one of your best mates is talkin to you about something you both know about. the lyrical genius ladies and gentleman :)

  3. mia says:

    In Italian it's Michele (pronounced Mee-kele)

    In French, the l is not silent (it's something like Mee-shel)

    In German, I believe it is spelt as in English, Michael, but pronounced Mee-khael, where the "kh" sound is something between k and h.

  4. Mams180 says:

    Yes, his name is Chris Tucker. He plays James Carter in Rush Hour. He and Michael were close friends.

  5. Yuri says:

    Tell me this is the scintillating political oratory you expected from a 1 term wonder trying to make a comeback?

  6. Monkeyman says:

    A search scope defines a subset of information in the search index. Search scopes are created to make it easier for users to find what they need on the portal site. Typically, search scopes encompass specific topics and content sources that are important and common to users in the organization. For example, you can create a search scope for all items that are related to a specific project or for all items that are related to a specific group in the organization, such as Finance or Marketing. You can also create a search scope that encompasses several other scopes.

  7. maloreno2 says:

    #SEO Blog Post: How Site Search Benefits You – If your site does not include a search box, you’re missing out on an …

  8. aleksankazakov says:

    Weak Engine? LOL you 'Net Racers crack me up. A VQ is one of the strongest engines around, with one of the smoothest and strongest TQ curves of any engine, ESPECIALLY V6's. As for an LS2, I am certain you've never driven one. As for an Altima SE-R being a POS, yeah, Custom Leather Interior, HIDs, BOSE System with Sub, 6-Disc InDash Changer, Custom Wheels worth over $700 a piece, Heated Seats, Skyline Suspension, Heated Mirrors, Auto Climate Control, yeah that sure sounds like a POS.

  9. Daubs says:

    join the club man. i’ve been going gray for years.

  10. TeamLibertyExpress says:

    Its not about being there mate It’s about being “friendly or positive”.And if you are friendly you will get further ahead then when you are right now. I promis you portland Oregon USA:)

  11. donnelie says:

    The only CD’s I have ever bought are and Michael Jackson’s. They are epic! A duet would have been magical! 

  12. Rogers400 says:

    RT #greysonfact Greyson Chance full name is Greyson Michael Chance
    He was born on August 16, 1997
    He was born in Witchita Falls, Texas

  13. 69AndCo says:

    RT ¿Por qué visitar Japón? D #Turismo #blog #blogger: ¿Por…

  14. madchemist5926 says:

    It means its a friendly hug.

    God don't people have anything else to worry about, like homework?

  15. jdchmiel says:

    go to ebay and search for the user small-engine-deals and look at a side shaft engine. take care to make sure the shaft size of the motor you choose will work with a go kart clutch.
    I purchased a new 10hp tecumseh HM100 a few years ago from them for $175. killer deal!

  16. pippin says:

    A book with similar themes to Dorian Gray is 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' by R.L. Stevenson
    Hope this helps, good luck :-)
    ~ Pippin

  17. Arthur A says:

    In the bible it refers to Gabriel, and / or Michael, which are two different angels.

  18. notmuchtodo1 says:

    I love all these songs that make fun of how it actually is, by doing that type of song like this and the radio friendly song, should do a country one.

  19. Keaton Lloyd says:

    If you talk about wordpress.com, you can't add any adverts unless you upgrade to VIP.

    Choose blogger which is free, or get a selfhosted wordpress.

  20. jmp_omaha says:

    Who founded the earth-friendly "Earth Conservation Corp" to clean up the Anacostia River in Washngton D.C., and also help troubled kids find something to believe in?

  21. eeg10 says:

    Stuart Townsend’s performance of Dorian Gray in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was much better than Ben Barnes. Just saying.

  22. ejabarnes says:

    It means that it's not your first dog, that you've owned dogs before.

  23. JesseJamesonXXX says:

    Wait; is VLOG; a new trend in blogs that i don't know about; or is this just a typo

  24. hich963 says:

    Thank you for tutorial about how to blog by wordpress. I like this software very much

  25. Delta M says:

    It's latex. You can use the same techniques they use for masks. First, make a mold, then pour in the liquid rubber and let it harden, then paint it. For example, here is what you might use to make your mold


  26. jenoman_00 says:

    I believe u know differences of spelling between the regular english and american english. Both gray and grey stand for the colour grey. But "grey" is spelled by americans as gray just as program instead of programme and honor instead of honour. Thats it!

  27. word_press_seo says:

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  28. whatthi says:

    I hate it when people (like this gal) put up two side-by-side mini blinds to cover a single window pane. That's lazy ghetto shit. Order a proper blind made to fit the entire window please. They aren't that expensive and they aren't hard to order to fit. Have some class, get off your lazy ass, and do your window treatments right, dammit!

  29. Ashley. says:

    u will see an icon called option at the top of ypor web page just beside the different search option icons.go there and then click search option,then u will find an option saying "remember last seach type"just cancel that option and noone will know what u searched for
    good luck.

  30. pontoLIVRO says:

    The Footy Blog | Blogs | theScore.com

  31. abelsmithmeek says:

    Exercise Bathroom Michael Jordan Opera Search Engine Engineer Gynaecology Civil Law Hyperlink

  32. yes_its_me says:

    Go to an auto parts store and have it scanned for free. They will tell you what code(s) are present and what they mean. Likely a sensor has gotten wet, tripping the check engine light. It may be able to be dried out with some WD-40, or it may have to be replaced.

  33. Robert M says:

    "Knocking" = combustion pre-detonation. That means that the octane rating of your fuel is too low for this engine or that the ignition timing is off.

  34. ♥Real Life Rosalie♥ says:

    A blog is like an online diary that people can read. I don't think you'd actually have to make a real blog, probably just like write it up to look like a blog. ask ur teacher. an example of a blog….hmmm…try typing in everydayangel1994.piczo.com. She just started her blog awhile ago and i've been chatting with her online. She's looking for some more readers. :P hope this helps.

  35. ClaudiaValdez33 says:

    say to your brother I will get him back :’)

  36. mjlady100 says:

    This shit makes me sick. Michael was not only a child molester, but now it was revealed he was a DRUG ADDICT as well !! Poor old Dr. Murray couldn’t leave the room for 2 MINUTES to take a dump, and this drug “feind” gets up and takes 8 pills and MORE PROPOTHAL on his own !! NIGGER Jackson KILLED HIMSELF !! As for me: NOT GUILTY on all counts for Conrad Murray

  37. chemsucks says:

    You know there's a built-in blog customizer that does that for you, right?

    If you need a more in-depth tutorial on blog customization, with the blog table classes, etc., then go here.


  38. farshnuke says:

    lol! I wish I had as much fun as you two on holiday! Great Blog Tony!! You two are just mental together!

  39. michael jackson - Twitter Search says:

    El juicio por la muerte de Michael Jackson entra en su segunda semana –

  40. mr_ias says:

    let Michael Irving know he is fool for clowning da Eagles DBs.. “IS THAT NMDONI?” HaHa

  41. Showdresses says:

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