Installing WordPress on your Webhost

Installing WordPress on your Webhost

I show you how to install WordPress, the great blogging platform, on your webhost. If you are looking for an awesome web host i highly recommend hostican. Check em out at, and if you want to purchase a package with them, be sure to use the referral link below! Thanks.


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  5. chagrinreine says:

    If you are using to host your site for free…you can't do that without paying. Look in their help section for domain mapping and I believe there is a $10 fee.

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  8. Elizabeth says:

    I like keeping my profile private as well. What you do, is you go under "settings" at the top right of the page, and I think you click on account or privacy settings. You can browse through those buttons and you'll find where it gives you the option to show parts of your profile to the public and if you don't want that, you can keep it provate. Sorry this isn't too detailed…but I hope this helps:)

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