How to embed YouTube Video in WordPress

How to embed YouTube Video in WordPress Easy trick to embed YouTube and other video sharing site code into your WordPress Posts. More great blogging tips at The Friday Traffic Report at http


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  1. princetonzgurl9 says:

    Dang ! Now I’m in the middle. #UFC135

  2. toxicsmileandeyes says:

    and that's one less person who watches grahams show.

  3. semiblack says:

    Uploaded a new video watch it at:

  4. Pumpkyn says:

    Jehovah has already revealed himself to you. Do you ever consider the possibility that your self important attitude is blocking your vision?
    We all must develop humility. Not only is it an admirable quality to have, but it also allows you to see things more clearly.

    I guess another way of putting it is "come down off your high horse."

  5. skeptikal says:

    Quick question… have you figured if there's a way to embed the album art directly on the MP3 file? After tweaking with the foo_discogs a bit, I noticed it only saves files to the release folder… and this method isn't supported by most MP3 players like iPod. Embedding the art on the file itself would get the job done.

  6. icyfreeze209CP says:

    the ring of fire refers to a vindaloo.

  7. buffit96 says:

    I got the 3D evo and it looks awesome, make more 3D videos… I'm subscribed

  8. Tim says:

    I figured it out! I bought the speed potion and than when you hit the blue speed potions you are going faster therefore higher. Took me a couple tires but I got it! So it is possible!

    Hope this helps!

  9. EcommerceMatrixEcom says:

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  10. flipper says:

    the children learnt that black people weren't all that their white friends and adult neighbours said they were. their father had taught them to treat others no matter their colour with respect, yet they children still had to learn this for themselves as they still had school friends, teachers and neighbours that had other opinions.

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