How to embed YouTube Video in WordPress

How to embed YouTube Video in WordPress Easy trick to embed YouTube and other video sharing site code into your WordPress Posts. More great blogging tips at The Friday Traffic Report at http


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  1. C/T says:

    I can't recall what kind of car he drives.
    She just drives a standard Cop Ford Crown Victoria.

  2. rudytoot says:

    How was your training today?

  3. bar_love6 says:

    #MM New Video: “Bands”

  4. Ross says:

    Vodka it is if you absolutely insist, seeing as how you aren't a true Scotsman.

  5. Goofyb4 says:

    #Doubtful: /via .. #poetry, #love, #relationship, #Ethiopia, #Africa, #romance, #insecurity

  6. says:

    S-Video is used for picture only not for sound. As for the cables you have hooked up it all depends how you are hooking them up. If you are just running cables from vcr,dvd to tv or dvd,vcr cable box ,satallite to receiver then tv need more info then can answer question

  7. Rattlehead81 says:

    haha sucks to b u codykinz (:

  8. Luxe20 says:

    É muito amor esse wordpress, meldels

  9. Kingpowl800000 says:

    I don't know how this could this could drive anyone insane. Its Sooooo catchy

  10. wkwithscottshimberg says:

    How do i put a poll on my wordpress blog?

  11. sirosaur says:

    Youtube made me type “Exporksha” to post, haha.

  12. HowToUseWordPress says:

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  13. Diablo_Fabiano says:

    Check this video out — Bee Gees – How Deep is Your Love via

  14. Windowphobe says:

    Alternatively, if you can get to the Dashboard, go to Settings/General and tell WordPress that you want a different Site Address.

    (Example: My WP install is at, which is duly reported as "WordPress address," but the Site Address is at This way, you don't have to move anything, and WordPress will handle incoming.)

  15. Wowgirl52 says:

    Not really, me & my friends LOVE video games. ESPICIALLY Portal 2.

  16. Tori1234100 says:

    All I know is, I like to have a spare pair of sliders around for my boners… Just sayin, #1 Boner Hider….

  17. Unique Pictures and Funny Photos - Picturix says:

    Bomb Detonates on Beach in Turkish Resort [Video], Dog Laughs at Dive Fail [Video], Simple and Easy Tricks for Body Waxing and more –

  18. JuanitaGuzman07 says:

    this is one of the most amazing things i have pretty much ever heard in my entire life.

  19. Canby_Cambodia says:

    “Quante cose belle, buone e sagge mi dicono…” (Lettere inedite di Claudio Di Felice – 7) /via

  20. namelessdigital says:

    embed I love this because I’ve been to Mile End and it was exactly like the song. Statistics:… #aspergers #autism

  21. bob j says:

    Reggie Bush is overatted. Look at the numbers,they are below average…..not worth finding out the song…

  22. Twitter says:

    20 Free Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

  23. MissPatrol8 says:

    if I could nominate you, which I can't because I don't use twitter, It would be on entertainment and the reason is that you are one of the fewest youtube stars that really knows how to vlog. Keep up the good work, Olga.

  24. fillingreat says:

    this will be convenient when I’m handcuffed but somehow escape

  25. Cmr33xx says:

    skip to 7:00 for embedding a video

  26. FT says:

    If you can pause the video, pause it on the picture you want. Then press the "Print screen" button on the keyboard (top right). From there, you can paste the picture into paint, then save the picture, and then you will have still images of her video.

  27. TheTrueLostMC says:

    i really suck at wordpress and appreciate you guys.

  28. waqar ahmad says: your internet download manager
    2.go to downloads>>General>>Edit(bottom right). ''Firefox and other Mozilla based''
    4.uncheck all video and audio formates and click OK
    done :)
    to activate idm again check all formates again

  29. aylwinchin says:

    I’m in a group video chat w/ 160 others – Click to watch

  30. seashell says:

    Unfortunately, it doesn't take you straight to your comment where the reply is attached. Now if that person only has a few comments it's pretty easy to find your comment with the reply but if it's a very popular YouTuber who receives many comments it can take quite a while to find your comment with their reply. I wish they could fix that somehow.

  31. familybizguy says:

    Where is the embed code on this new youtube video

  32. buscaboloscom says:

    #漁具 #茨城県 How to embed video Into Google Sites #hithotjp

  33. browca04 says:

    This is a brilliant video and I think this live performance is even better than the full length version on the LP. The intensity is fantastic and the pace is unrelenting! Hope you don't mind but I've posted a link to this video from my “bestmusicofalltime” blog at wordpress!

  34. says:

    "Since I was looking for a free, simple way to schedule tweets, this app is great. I like the UI, too."

  35. alexk175 says:

    I already figured it out :) thanks though. Check out my website, I made it pretty good, and it's all thanks to you. I think I'm going to embed your videos on my website as a tutorial! It's (alextutorials) [dot] (com) I owe you a lot, this was all thanks to you!

  36. wheela25 says:

    J. Cole haters are ppl that decided not to like a brother for whatever reason and click on every video for the sole purpose of Disliking it w/out listening Because Idk how anybody can dislike this.

  37. Angie28 says:

    well that happens coz..lets say the colour pink is in fashion.and once that happens..everyone u know is gonna go after that colour..u'll c people wearing pink everywhere..and very soon..u'll get sick of it.and then the fashion designers come up with sumthng different to attract people..those who are sick of the color pink.and then since the new thing is 'in' is ridiculed and is out of fashion, as u may put it.

  38. finicky says:

    That's because your original picture is too big to fit as a profile picture. You need to move the cropping box to your face before you click on 'Done'.

  39. Pipper says:

    You can embed flash into WordPress yes. I don't know how but I have seen it done.

  40. PrincessZelda4875 says:

    The “How to be” Videos are what made Nigahiga

  41. Donnerstag says:

    ghostsonyourback.wordpress. com for more detailed info on the paranormal. All the best.

  42. RileyWilliamsonMusic says:

    10 likes and i’ll do absolutely nothin X)

  43. flipper says:

    the children learnt that black people weren't all that their white friends and adult neighbours said they were. their father had taught them to treat others no matter their colour with respect, yet they children still had to learn this for themselves as they still had school friends, teachers and neighbours that had other opinions.

    atticus treated everyone with respect and as equals – whether they be black/white, servant, rich etc. this is especially supported by the court case, giving the guy (i forgot his name sorry) a chance even though it was obvious he wouldn't win.

  44. Geilemeidd says:

    Hope Nolza in Bangkok soon !!!!– G-DRAGON & T.O.P – Nolza in Japan Cut (110920) via

  45. Mattoman501 says:

    did anyone else search up “video” cuz they were bored?

  46. FriendFeed - public says:

    Just saw The Lion King in 3D with manda :) awwww

  47. DutchInfoNetwork says:

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  48. Inquebus says:

    Here at Kennedy to see In My Life: A Musical Tribute To The Beatles

  49. KarmaOfKSquared says:

    Sigmund Freud~ Whoever loves becomes humble. Those who love have so to speak pawned a part of their narcissism.

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