Ford’s Lincoln Trails in U.S. Luxury Car Market

Ford’s Lincoln Trails in U.S. Luxury Car Market

Ford’s Lincoln Trails in U.S. Luxury Car Market
Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and BMW lead the U.S. luxury car market in sales at midyear

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Launch of the new website
As I write this, we are just hours away from the launch of the new Courier-Tribune website. It has been a long three-and-a-half month journey. In fact, the “journey’ dates back farther than that.
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    When you need a repair you'll find out fast that it's a luxury vehicle. Few places to have it serviced, service and parts are incredibly expensive, and they require a lot of maintenance along with frequent breakdowns. I owned one for 2 years and couldn't get rid of it quickly enough. Worst decision I ever made on a vehicle, and I've owned dozens of vehicles. Sorry for the bad news. Good luck with yours.

  4. zucicciu58 says:

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  9. Jillian says:

    What the heck is a "happy trails"

  10. Matt says:

    contrails – most jets with turbofan engines produce them

  11. Dayanara* says:

    I've heard the term. It's a mispronunciation of contrails, the condensation trails made by the exhaust of high-flying aircraft. As far as I can tell, they're harmless.

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    They are CONtrails, no chemicals and sometimes they do last for hours and you can see the drift as jet after jet goes down the airway, so that it looks like parallel lines in the sky.

    No chemicals involved.

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    It makes no difference. They have the exact meaning and can be used in the exact same context.

    However, "car" is not used a lot in the spoken language. I don't know why.

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    Why has there been a storm in like every show tonight?

  41. wydhomefamily says:

    Not sure what #Syria free trade agreements stipulate, but targetting or taxing imported luxury items in crisis is fine.

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