Blogs in Plain English

Blogs in Plain English A video for people who wonder why blogs are such a big deal. This video comes in an unbranded “presentation quality” version that can be licensed for use in the workplace. http
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Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from Dynamic and more videos in the Blogs and Podcasts category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at You’ve been blogging your fingers off for a few years now, and despite the ego rush of watching your hits soar, you’re wondering what’s the point—or, rather, how do I make some cold hard cash from this thing? To complete this How-To you will need: A blog Dedication A good PageRank Step 1: Focus your blog Focus your blog. Blogs that make money are blogs with a specific market and a good PageRank. Be passionate about your subject and generate as much traffic as you can. If you’re obsessed, others will be as well. Tip: Don’t expect to get rich from your blog. At least not right away. Some popular blogs report more than 000 dollars a month in earnings—but unless you’ve got millions of visitors already, don’t expect to quit your day job anytime soon. Step 2: Sell advertising Selling advertising is the top moneymaking method with a blog. AdSense, a service from Google, will place relevant ads from advertisers on your blog. If your reader clicks on the link, you get paid. Exactly how much depends on your traffic. Tip: The upside to this method is that it’s very easy; the downside is that you don’t choose who advertises or what you


200 Responses to “Blogs in Plain English”
  1. MzHenny86 says:

    Correcting papers in English… #notsofun

  2. rogergriffinful says:

    That its my get-away fart problem situation, what didn’t think of that!! I have soo many DAMN problem since 5th grade or its it my 1st or 2nd time going to 3rd grade, anyway, GENIUS!

  3. TommyRatliffFanGirl says:

    Hi_there_have_you-heard_the_latest_news? Eminem_DIED this morning!!! Watch video proof:

  4. anithinks says:

    When people get sick of talking about themselves and their opinions. I don't forsee an end to that nearing, but I've been wrong before. Blogs are the modern day diaries.

  5. soundocter says:

    My look has become so plain :(

  6. Dholland53 says:

    3.4-magnitude quake hits Virginia – This Just In – Blogs via

  7. mitchell_citas says:

    I’m sorry. If you are willing pregnancy is preventable Plain and simple! Dont start crying and gettin all scared when it was unprotected

  8. Haleigh L says:

    those are message boards, not blogs. a "thread" is a specific topic.

  9. SapphirePyro says:

    Pas masa2 smp aku dapat kelas A dengan mata pelajaran tambahan, IT, mesin, english class, Gambar tehnik dll #reuniSMP3

  10. iamsrk_daGod says:

    That sounds delicious! Was it? O.J., coffee and coffee roll for breakfast. Plain bagel with cream cheese waiting for lunch.


  12. robertina59 says:

    My Trig nd English book to heavy to be bring back nd fourth .

  13. bpenn1000 says:

    That baby is so so so cute ! And Sylvia is sooo funny, glad to see her in the blogs. This was like my fave vid.

  14. augie6_1 says:

    1. The children feel welcomed by most members of the church. They learn that the people of the church are good people who are excepting to all, and understand that basic human nature (to be nice and kind and giving) can be stronger than the want to hate and discriminate, in the case of the people from the church.

    2. Atticus treats the woman with a high level of respect, and wants them to think the best of Atticus and his children. He accepts their different opinions and is overall a very good neighbor to them.

  15. Samu12cesar says:

    There are some copies of this video on youtube, only one of them has more than 3,000,000 views.. (sorry about my english) ;D

  16. weizenguard says:

    i dunno about years to stay away from, but definately lean towards the newest one you can get, & yes the Boxster S is worth it. It accelerates faster, stops faster, & handles better and smoother (not that the plain one doesn't go fast, stop fast enough, or handle well enough….the Boxster S just does it better.) Take a drive of both, and ask yourself if its worth the difference, you may find the base boxster is good enough for you, or you may find the Boxster S is what appeals to you.

  17. LingQVera says: english class compared a plot map to

  18. LilDP says:

    This is why we have globe warming! Plain English is using alot of paper

  19. Resseptv says:


  20. MarilynAgencyNY says:

    RT In the U.S., you are more likely to be killed by a deer than by a terrorist:

  21. fruitjacket says:

    It is up to you all to get his word out as much as possible! make an honest commitment to Ron Pauls campaign because without you he has no voice!!! Clearly he is being ignored by biased media and war profiteers we all need to work at sending his message out loud. start the blogs, make the posts, shout his name as loud as we can!!! Get the TRUTH OUT however you can!!!

  22. nekki says:

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  23. jayjjoel says:

    I loooove this songgg :D Would love for you guys to check out the covers i recently put on here. I'm just starting so i could really do with a boost from you :) Covers include “Rolling in the Deep” and “Jar of Hearts”! Would love your feedback and subs if you likke! Would mean so much thankyou. K <3

  24. BaekHyunFa says:

    Агент Джонни Инглиш: Перезагрузка (Johnny English Reborn) 2011: Ну что, вы еще не успели забыть самого бесстрашн…

  25. Benjamin says:

    Depends on which sound you are talking about.

    All of the bands you mentioned have two guitarists not to mention the probably have 10 tracks for each guitar on their CD recordings all with different bits of tone and drive.

    If you are going for the deeper gutral distrotion tones, then yes. The Les Paul would be perfect.

    For the higher thinner whinier distortion you'd have to go with a Tele. Most of those bands are using that combination of guitars anyway. Or if not a Les Paul, a tele with dual P90s in it anyway.

  26. ChayaPooput says:

    RT IIPM – Rajita Chaudhuri Blogs – Rajita Chaudhuri  The New Age Woman

  27. mrbieksarox says:

    Travel around the world with a Asian women

  28. Drew08140513 says:

    did anybody notice that at 2:37 his guitar says plain white t’s?its cool tho

  29. thesovietshooter says:

    How is it…that right after Mike got the Ninja Suppressor achievement…it took one kill more to get the suppressor & famas marksman achievements?!? Explain that please….

  30. JayGovindraj says:

    Quero levar 3 Kits na promo #AmigasEnvenenadas dos blogs @amoreselivros .

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  32. ComedyActionGuys says:

    I was choking cus of how funny this is

  33. Inca Ognito says:

    Dude. Seriously. Plain rude is so "ho hum". If one is going to be rude, the least they could do is be creative about it.

  34. Internet Marketing Singapore, Search Engine Marketing for SMEs | says:

    Turismo: I tesori della provincia di Roma arrivano su Iphone e Ipad con l’applicazione di Roma&Più

  35. themasterclass says:

    Van der Sar was … freakin amazin in this macth! Pro keeper

  36. gomez_leovinus says:

    Yeah some of them are like news reporters and some are editorials. The range varies. Planned parenthood has a blog that talks about women issues and Yahoo has Richard Bangs adventures. ( which are pretty much blogs)

  37. Peter V says:

    the buds/seeds of the female, and the pollen of the male.
    Pollen must carry over long distances sometimes, in order to reach the unfertilized seeds/flowerbuds…

  38. Haleigh L says:

    those are message boards, not blogs. a "thread" is a specific topic.

  39. LoreleiDecker says:

    Just writing some key points on index cards for my english homework

  40. cr7rob says:

    “Try english boy, you're hurting my ears” LMBO! :)

  41. streetlyferydaz says:

    I love that lunch is in 53 minutes :)

  42. junooni81 says:

    I don't necessarily write hate blogs, but most of my blogs are kind of negative. I think you find that most forms of expression are based on a tension in one's life- the simple fact is, when you're happy you're too busy being happy to record it in words, right? Most people write something because something is on their mind. It seems like people 'feel' happy and 'think' upset, if you know what I mean.

  43. Funnydementals says:

    I think the bassline of this song is to play with fingers, because the pick gives a more aggressive sound that isn't needed here (Johnny actually plays this song with fingers). But I don't want to complain about fingers or pick. Great job dude :D

  44. emagidson says:

    I would think this instruction is especially pertinent for native speakers of American English, who tend to use many idiomatic and familiar expressions that are not understood well by non-native speakers, and who often have little awareness of how English is practiced elsewhere. It should be noted that these same people often have a hard time understanding International English, and there are even courses in it now for American expats.

  45. noahmajididi says:

    Suarez is a diving cheat. Plain and simple. #Everton

  46. TammLynn__ says:

    Now eating plain bread only because I vomit out the bean curt also..tried..sian™™™™

  47. cashmein says:

    you'll need two things to realize and income from blogs. first is readers, second is advertisers.

    You can get readers from extensive exposure through advertising. One easy way to is to be part of an online community and reach out through clubs/friends or searches for common interests. You can place ad's in your blog. If you use images in your blog, they can be turned into cash also.

  48. PeterBeddows says:

    Juro: hj eu coloco tudoo em dia aqui na internet…visitarei todos os blogs, responderei todos os comentários,enfim,desafio do dia!

  49. flutist241 says:

    What kind of blogs you were watching? RWJ is not a girl, No random cuts, no music but indeed it’s pointless

  50. twitter - Google News says:

    Metro Puck: Ranking the Top Offensive Forwards Among the Rangers, Islanders and Devils –

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